HISTORY - Our Journey

Our story begins!!

It all started with football at the Southsea commons, Portsmouth.

March 2013

Organised our 1st Social Evening Event @ Charles Dickens Centre  (15+ attendees)

August 2013

Launched Indoor Football Project.

Every Wednesdays Evening @ Charles Dickens

August 2013

Organised the URBOND Football Tournament

A 7-Aside game with 15 teams and 100+ participants

June 2014

Donation to the Youth at Charles Dickens Centre

(Gifts and food items were donated)

November 2014

Donation to Food Bank & Homeless in Southsea, Portsmouth (Donated food items)

January 2015

Organised our 1st Family Fun Day Event at the Charles Dickens Centre (680+ attendees)

March 2015

URBOND is registered as a Community Interest Company with Companies House (Reg. No.09530457)

April 2015

Organised a Portsmouth Carers Seminar @ Charles Dickens Centre

April 2015

Donation to Elizabeth Foundation Portsmouth (A £500 donation to support the centre)

January 2016

Launched Community Volleyball Project (Every Sundays from 1pm @ Charles Dickens Centre)

February 2016

Fundraising: Kingsley D. Abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) charity.

August 2016

Fundraising: Abdou participated in the Greats South Run to raise funds to support Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) charity

October 2016

Donation to Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) Portsmouth (A £400 donation to support the centre)

December 2016

Donation to Raymond Grant Foundation (A £400 donation to support Raymond Grant)

December 2016

Organised a Prostate Cancer and Diabetes Seminar @ Charles Dickens Centre (100+ attendees)

April 2017

Organised an Education Workshop @ Charles Dickens Centre (20+ attendees)

March 2017

Launched URBOND Volleyball Club (Men’s Team registered with Volleyball England with 16 registered players from 11 different nationalities)


September 2017

Fundraising: Liberty and Abdou participated in the Greats South Run to raise funds to support The Roberts Centre Portsmouth charity.

October 2017

Donation to The Roberts Centre Portsmouth (A £500 donation to support the centre)

February 2018

Community Works: Supported the Portsmouth City Council in planting trees in orchards in the Buckland area.


March 2018

Launched Women Empowerment Project (Monthly workshops @ Charles Dickens Centre)


May 2018

Fundraising: Anita, Brian and Abdou participating at the 2018 Great South Run to raise funds to support The Naomi House and Jacksplace Hospices in Portsmouth.


October 2018

URBOND registered as a charity in The Republic of Guinea (Registration Number 8304)

December 2018

URBOND launched its Education Program

January 2019

Donation to the Noami House and Jacksplace Hospices (A £500 donation to support the hospices)

February 2019

Community Works:

URBOND planting trees at the Somerstown Adventure Playground in Portsmouth with MP Steven Morgan

March 2019