Urbond C.I.C is a fully registered community interest company (not for profit organisation), established since March 2013. The group was founded with the primary purpose being to help the local community to integrate with one another, to make friends or simply to be accepted in the local neighbourhood for who they are, whatever their beliefs and ideologies.

We began as a small group of friends meeting up on weekends for home cooked meals and a chance to catch up. When the weather permitted barbeques at the Southsea common were the order of the day and it was at these barbeques that we began to invite people to join us as they passed by. This was the point at which we realised just how easy it was to breakdown social barriers and to get to know new people from all parts of society with no hidden agenda. In particular Portsmouth's minority ethnic communities have more than trebled in the last 15 years from 5% of the local population in 2001 increasing to just over 11% in 2011, and now estimated at over 16%. Furthermore Portsmouth's more central boroughs are in the bottom quartile for community cohesion, and Portsmouth centre is listed as an area of deprivation. One of the results of this is that communities do not integrate. Urbond has been founded on the back of these such issues with the aim being to bring together people from the local area to form a bigger and stronger community. This offers members of the community the chance to join together and discuss topics that may not otherwise be discussed. Feedback from such events has informed us that before attending our events local people would not integrate with one and other freely due to pre-conceived ideas, often fuelled by stories in the media.

The Urbond group has many key objectives such as reducing cultural barriers, addressing issues of isolation, lack of confidence, unemployment, and crime (including radicalisation) and even aims to address other issues including health concerns rising from obesity.


We stand for a cohesive city, creating an environment that can unite different cultures, break down social barriers, create networking opportunities, spread love and encourage a connection between all of the members of our local community.

Over the next few years we will be working on expanding the reach of Urbond to engage with a larger audience both nationally and internationally by continuing to interact with individuals and to form a bigger and stronger community.


Ousmane Drame


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Kwame Kyere

Fundraising Officer

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Frank Mengoum

Project Officer

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Dawn Foster

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