URBOND is actively involved in the community in their effort to build a stronger and bigger community. They support causes such as health and sports by working with partners and organisations to improve the wellbeing and fitness levels of people within the community. We organise talks and seminars on key health issues and run sports and fitness sessions under our Football and Volleyball Projects in order to increase participation and encourage inclusion.


Prostate Cancer and Diabetes UK in partnership with URBOND organised a one day health awareness session to educate the local community members in Portsmouth. During the session the representatives from both organisations interacted with the group to discuss the causes, symptoms and risks and where to go to for further information. The feedback from the group was very positive with a majority of the attendees going on to book in a check up with their doctor.


URBOND invited volunteers from the Portsmouth Carers Centre to educate the community on their services. The topics discussed included emotional support, carers breaks, sitting service, cooking sessions, training, carers groups, support for young carers and adult mental health. They also discussed volunteering opportunities which was of interest to a few of the group members. Feedback from the audience was very positive which was evident in how the group interacted freely with the volunteers from Portsmouth Carers Centre.


Urbond in conjunction with Portsmouth college held a seminar on the 03/06/2017 to discuss how we can work together to improve the lives of local community members through further education. Tom Lloyd Director of New Business, Apprenticeships, & Work Experience from Portsmouth College discussed a variety of courses and apprenticeships that will be of benefit to members of the community.


Through our Fundraising Project, we raise funds yearly via our social-cultural events, family fun days and other events to support local charities.


The Youths at the Charles Dickens Centre Portsmouth benefited from a donation made by URBOND which consisted of sports equipment. This included items such as indoor footballs, table tennis balls, and dodge balls which helped support the youths in being involved in sporting activities.


The Roberts Centre is a Portsmouth based organisation with a reputation for developing innovative responses to families who are struggling with improving their difficult circumstances, from homelessness or family breakdown.

Every year for the past four Urbond has chosen one or two local charities to support. Last year January 2017, the Roberts Centre was picked by Urbond as the charity of the year. Throughout the year (2017) Urbond hosted several different activities within the community to help with raising funds. These activities included: The Great South run , which Abdu Manneh and Liberty Roberts participated in, paint balling, a raffle at each of the Urbond social evenings and donations from members of the local community.
On the 3rd February 2018, Urbond visited the Roberts Centre to present a cheque of £500.00. The donation will go towards supporting families who are in need.
We would like to thank you all for your generosity and kind contributions towards this fantastic cause, without you the great achievement would not have been possible.


CFK Portsmouth is a group made up from the friends and relatives of children with CF (Cystic Fibrosis) who want to provide support to families in the local area. The aim of the group is to provide a positive approach to the challenges faced by both the children and their families and to provide equipment and support to help them where possible. In 2016 URBOND chose CFK Portsmouth as their charity of the year and raised £400 to support the children and their families.


Raymond Grant is a local community member who is rehabilitating following a large frontal intracranial haemorrhage and aneurism. Raymond has been in intensive care in Peatree House for over 4 years, but his health condition has been getting much better recently. Raymond is close friends with a few URBOND committee members and also attended URBOND football games regularly before his illness. URBOND have been providing support to Raymond and his family since the incident and we will carry on doing so until such time as we hope that Raymond will be able to return to URBOND football games.


The Elizabeth Foundation is a national charity supporting infants and pre-school children with hearing loss (and their families). It offers support to babies and children suffering from all degrees of hearing loss and helps then where possible to learn to listen and speak. It does this by providing pre-school education services at its Family Centre, along with help, support and advice for families. In 2015, URBOND chose Elizabeth Foundation as their charity of the year. Not only did URBOND make a financial donation to the Elizabeth Foundation but members of URBOND also volunteered their time throughout the year to help in the organisation of their fundraising activities.


In 2014 URBOND made a donation of food items and other household utilities to the local food bank which is being managed by the Family Church Portsmouth.


URBOND launched its sports projects with the main goals being to increase the fitness levels and participation in sporting activities of the people within the community. Current sporting projects include the Football and Volleyball Projects.


Many of our founding members are passionate footballers and we have found the sport to be a wonderful tool for transcending cultures. We regularly host successful football tournaments which are always great fun and have been a brilliant way of making new friends whilst also fundraising for the local charities our attendees have nominated.


To increase participation in the sport and to improve fitness levels and well being of the people within the community, URBOND C.I.C. through URBOND VOLLEYBALL CLUB organises and runs training sessions and tournaments on a regular basis.

The Mens Team hold training session on Thursdays from 8pm - 10pm with National League games planned for Sundays from 11am once a month from September 2017 to April 2018.
Everyone is welcome to join our training sessions.


Netball sessions and games are organised every summer with entry open to all members of the community.


Once a month we host a public event aimed at bringing together people within the community of Portsmouth. During the winter months, we hold this event at Charles Dickens Community Centre which offers a great opportunity to make new friends whilst enjoying a game of pool, table football, Jenga and even trying salsa! When the weather permits in the summer we then host the event as a BBQ on Southsea Common. At all of our events we prepare food from different cultures and in turn request donations which we then give to a nominated local charity. Because the event costs (including food) are absorbed by our team this increases our fundraising ability. Our monthly event now attracts over 175 attendees.


Through our social events we raise funds to support our chosen charity by engaging the participants in games, music and other activities.


Our Family Fun Days bring families together to share in different cultures and to have fun during our events. Entry is free and all families are welcome.