HISTORY - Our Journey
Our story begins!!
It all started with football at the Southsea commons, Portsmouth.
March 2013
Organised our 1st Social Evening Event @ Charles Dickens Centre  (15+ attendees)
August 2013
Launched Indoor Football Project.
Every Wednesdays Evening @ Charles Dickens
August 2013
Organised the URBOND Football Tournament
A 7-Aside game with 15 teams and 100+ participants
June 2014
Donation to the Youth at Charles Dickens Centre
(Gifts and food items were donated)

November 2014
Donation to Food Bank & Homeless in Southsea, Portsmouth (Donated food items)

January 2015
Organised our 1st Family Fun Day Event at the Charles Dickens Centre (680+ attendees)

March 2015
URBOND is registered as a Community Interest Company with Companies House (Reg. No.09530457)
April 2015
Organised a Portsmouth Carers Seminar @ Charles Dickens Centre
April 2015
Donation to Elizabeth Foundation Portsmouth (A £500 donation to support the centre)

January 2016
Launched Community Volleyball Project (Every Sundays from 1pm @ Charles Dickens Centre)

February 2016
Fundraising: Kingsley D. Abseiled down the Spinnaker Tower to raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) charity.

August 2016
Fundraising: Abdou participated in the Greats South Run to raise funds to support Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) charity

October 2016
Donation to Cystic Fibrosis Kids (CFK) Portsmouth (A £400 donation to support the centre)

December 2016
Donation to Raymond Grant Foundation (A £400 donation to support Raymond Grant)

December 2016
Organised a Prostate Cancer and Diabetes Seminar @ Charles Dickens Centre (100+ attendees)
April 2017
Organised an Education Workshop @ Charles Dickens Centre (20+ attendees)
March 2017
Launched URBOND Volleyball Club (Men’s Team registered with Volleyball England with 16 registered players from 11 different nationalities)


September 2017
Fundraising: Liberty and Abdou participated in the Greats South Run to raise funds to support The Roberts Centre Portsmouth charity.

October 2017
Donation to The Roberts Centre Portsmouth (A £500 donation to support the centre)
February 2018
Community Works: Supported the Portsmouth City Council in planting trees in orchards in the Buckland area.


March 2018
Launched Women Empowerment Project (Monthly workshops @ Charles Dickens Centre)
May 2018
Fundraising: Anita, Brian and Abdou participating at the 2018 Great South Run to raise funds to support The Naomi House and Jacksplace Hospices in Portsmouth.
October 2018
URBOND registered as a charity in The Republic of Guinea (Registration Number 8304)

December 2018
URBOND launched its Education Programme
January 2019
Donation to the Noami House and Jacksplace Hospices (A £500 donation to support the hospices)

February 2019
Community Works:
URBOND planting trees at the Somerstown Adventure Playground in Portsmouth with MP Steven Morgan
March 2019
Community Tournament:
URBOND organised a volleyball tournament. Funds raised at the event was donated towards the URBOND Education Programme.
March 2019
Community Tournament:
URBOND organised Community Basketball Tournament.
April 2019
URBOND is registered as a Charity in the UK and Wales with Registration Number 1184273.
July 2019
Formation of the URBOND Ladies Volleyball Team and the team’s registration with Volleyball England to compete at National Leagues


August 2019
1st visit to the UK Parliament: An invitation by the Local MP on recognition of URBOND’s impact in the community


November 2019
1st Annual Charity Ball

November 2019
Strengthening working relationship with Ecole D’application in Dubreka (Guinea), providing extra classes and study materials to the kids so they can have better chances of passing the exams

December 2019
Levelling the land/ground prepartion for constructions of the school.

December 2019