“URBOND is a fast moving Community Interest Company that helps bring people together in a fun and friendly way. They hold training and social events and they love their sporting activities.
They welcome everyone and offer support and help in many ways, they have a fabulous reputation in the Portsmouth area for doing great things like raising money for other local community projects.
I am proud to be able say that we have supported them in their growth and look forward to supporting them in the future.”


“I sincerely would like to thank Urbond and its committee members for the amazing work they are doing in the community. I am sure that many people that attend Urbond social evening events, sporting activities and seminars would agree with me that the group is doing a fantastic job. It’s been 4 years since I started attending Urbond activities, I have met so many wonderful people I can happily call friends.  The group has opened my eyes in so many ways along with discovering new cultures etc… Urbond has established routines that will have a positive impact on local community members lives. I attend all Urbond activities and most importantly the Volleyball on Sundays; Volleyball sessions have improved my fitness and they are keeping me in shape. Proud of the group and I urge everyone to support Urbond.”
“CFK provides children with Cystic Fibrosis and their families in the Portsmouth area with equipment that can improve their quality of life and that the NHS cannot provide.
In 2016 we were chosen by Urbond as their charity of the year, the group managed to help us raise £400. They are fantastic lovely people to be associated with; they are making massive difference in the community.”

LLB (Hons)

“Urbond, what a great Community based organisation! I have attended a few events held by the group and have found them to be innovative, inviting and initiative led by its founders and members. The atmosphere and sense of Community cohesion is second to none. One massively distinguished trait I have always found is how the group’s events and help in the community has always been deeply embedded with the support and recognition in the role it plays within the local Community. The words ‘bond’ within the organisations name is a fitting tribute to the great work it plays in the present and the future towards peace and harmony within the Community”


“In April 2016 I started going to Urbond activities after my friend kept asking me to come. I never really went out much but since going I haven’t missed one yet. Urbond is great for everyone as there are always lots of different things to do like raffles, salsa, quizzes and the food there is amazing! I have met some amazing people who are now close friends. My daughter who is 16 and I enjoy attending the Volleyball practice which takes place on a Sunday and my son who is 9 loves the family fun days. I am glad I have Urbond and I am also grateful to have made some special friends.”
“URBOND has been very been useful for me. They not only offer football on a Wednesday which has helped to keep me healthy but have also provided some health classes in cancer awareness and diabetes which were very useful as well. Also, they have various social events which offer good food, good company and help raise money for good causes. It has been an enlightening experience being part of the Urbond family and I’m forever grateful.”  


“I have been attending Urbond’s charitable events and activities for well over a couple years now and truly feel the guys running it are doing such a fantastic job in the community.  What strikes me the most is the integration of different cultures coming together for a common purpose, raising funds to help enrich the lives of the less fortunate. I was approached by Urbond to abseil down the Spinnaker Tower last August to raise funds for the charities that they were supporting at the time.  Although I am absolutely petrified of heights, I duly obliged as I felt it was least I could do to help the course.  I am glad to say I was able to raise around £600 which went on a great course. I really commend the efforts of all the people involved in the smooth operation of Urbond.  The behind the scenes stuff which nobody notices and are not perhaps appreciated and credited.  Well done guys for your diligence and relentless drive to help improve the quality of life and make a difference to so many people.  God bless you all.”   
“I volunteer for a group called Heartlands Community voice; we have an awards night every year at the Charles Dickens Centre. one of these nights was the first time I heard the name Urbond, we were coming to the end of the night and they asked if they could make a speech about the group. All of a sudden we heard the sound of a shopping trolley and when you saw it, it was full of tea, coffee, sports equipment of all kinds and they were donating to the youth at the centre. When the speech finished I spoke to the members of Urbond, they told me about their activities they run and I was further advised that everyone is welcome to these activities irrespective of their colour, religion, or believes. During these activities nutritious meals and soft drinks are served, any funds raised go to local charities. My mum had recently died and I was trying to get myself back to doing new things. I got myself dressed up and went to my first Urbond social evening event, I stood at the back on my own, but I was not on my own for long. It has now been 4 years since I attended my first Urbond activity, I now volunteer for Urbond. I am normally the first person people see as I am at the front desk signing people in and welcoming them to the evening. “Working with Urbond has given me more confidents than I thought I would ever have. It has given me knowledge of different countries and their customs and most of all Urbond has given me a chance to give back to more people than I thought I could. Urbond does more than just the Social evening events, Urbond runs Football for young people and adults, Volleyball for men and seminars, topics ranging from diabetes, cancer, help for carers etc…. Members of Urbond run these activities because they believe that like social events, sport bring people of all races from all countries together. I am proud to be part of the Urbond community.”
“Again and Again, Urbond creates New Heights in inclusion, inclusion, inclusion with nuance that allow for all the synergy that create a wealth of Socio-Economics and collectiveness of all Human Beings. In its hearths allowing for individuals from various variable of life to embrace the joy of life in Understanding, Tolerance and the Integration of each other’s wealth of Ethnicity. We very much look forward to supporting your vison in any voluntary capacity at any time.”
“We were extremely happy with Urbond for choosing us in 2015 as their local charity of the year. The generosity of the group, both in spirit and cash donations provided huge benefits to the young children that we work with here at Elizabeth Foundation. Directly supporting deaf children, teaching them to listen, learn and speak, so that they may join the school of their choice by the age of 5, ready and able to learn alongside their hearing peers in a fully integrated way. Many families depend on our services, and with the local support of groups such as Urbond, we will be able to reach even more. We would highly recommend Urbond, its social gathering and fundraising activities to everyone as they are very welcoming and fun.”

Portsmouth South MP

“Urbond is fantastic move for the community and I hope it keeps going from strength to strength. ‘I would encourage people to go along and benefit the work of Urbond. ‘There are lots of groups, races, faith but not many which bring people from all different backgrounds together to have great time. I genuinely believe Urbond is something that everyone will be wanting to support.”
“Community cohesion in Portsmouth is a very important issue. We’re working here as a council in conjunction with community groups, faith groups and the police to ensure community cohesion is carried out in a constructive way. I welcome the creation of Urbond and it’s an excellent opportunity for people to come together in a welcoming environment on a regular basis.”
“Urbond is very important and vital to us all in the local community; it has given us good platform to integrate in the community. Socio-cultural events and sporting activities have helped me keep in shape, meet new people, discover different food and different cultures. Urbond’s management team are friendly and very welcoming, they are always available to speak to you and the hospitality they provide is second to none. My friends and I would always recommend Urbond to anyone, I promise once have been to one of the events you will always go back.”


“My wife and I have been very fortunate to enjoy the hospitality and friendship of the Urbond organisation on a few occasions now. We have attended some of their regular social gatherings at the Dickens centre and are so impressed with the way that everyone, whatever their background,  is made to feel welcome in an open, relaxed social gathering.  The team that organises the event and those that cook up a wonderful spicy meal all contribute to a very special event that we always enjoy very much. Thank you Urbond!”


‘Urbond women group is a fantastic and very useful for the ladies in our community. I have been attending the gathering ever since it started, everyone is very welcoming and kind. We discuss key issues that us women go through.
Every time I come out of the gatherings, I feel good about myself and very positive. The gatherings are child friendly, as a single mother I take my kid everywhere with me so this is perfect for me.
I encourage all the ladies in the community to come along to Urbond women gathering, I promise you will find it very useful.’