URBOND charity Football tournament was a tremendous success, 10 teams took part in the tournament and over 200 people from 26 nationalities attended the event. We took the opportunity to invite members of the police force, along with those from the Muslim community, the Soudanese community, Unicorn FC from Bognor regis, Kurdish community, the Gambian community as well as students and local people. We use these events to bring together a diverse crowd so that we can actively build relationships between these groups. The age of attendees was between 16 to 50.
The special for the event was the Lord Mayor, he delivered a great speech and kicked off the tournament successfully. During his speech, the Lord Mayor urged everyone to lend their support to URBOND. The Lord Mayor went on to say that the URBOND is doing a great job bringing people together from all different background, religious beliefs to embrace each other’s differences, learn about each other’s difference, so that they actively contribute towards creating a peaceful and better environment and unite members of Portsmouth community.
Daniel Povey (Volunteer) was the true backbone of this effort and did an extraordinary job coordinating this event. The referees also worked very hard and moved the games along smoothly. A massive thank you to all the teams that attended the tournament. Your support is hugely appreciated. Last, but not least, we must give a very special thank you to the team captains, without their support it just wouldn’t be possible. More pictures on our Facebook page