Why our group?

To unite women in our community and give them the opportunity to discuss key issues whilst providing a platform from which they can support and advise each other.


Why we do this.

Bring women together to, lead, inspire, and mentor each other to embrace women’s power, purpose, and value, and empower¬†themselves collectively.


What we discuss on our workshops and seminars.

Nutrition * Exercise and well-being * Careers
Babies and kids development * Health * 
How to support each other * Many more

Members since November 2018


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KATE JONES, Portsmouth,

‘Urbond women group is a fantastic and very useful for the ladies in our community. I have been attending the gathering ever since it started, everyone is very welcoming and kind. We discuss key issues that us women go through.
Every time I come out of the gatherings, I feel good about myself and very positive. The gatherings are child friendly, as a single mother I take my kid everywhere with me so this is perfect for me.
I encourage all the ladies in the community to come along to Urbond women gathering, I promise you will find it very useful.’

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