With a win and a defeat on Sunday 5th November, it was a ‘déjà vu’ results for the newly formed URBOND VC Men’s team.

The 2nd NVL fixture was set for Cardiff, where the team had to play a triangular fixture against Cheltenham and Gloucester VC (C&G VC) and host the Cardiff Celts 2 VC teams. C&G VC coming into this fixture had played 4 games winning 2 and losing 2 while the host Cardiff Celts 2 VC had played 4 games losing all 4. After a 3 hour journey to the Wales capital, the team’s first match saw a resurgent C&G VC wasting no time in thrashing URBOND VC in 3 straight sets (25-18, 25 -23, 25 – 18).

Speaking after the first game, outside player Festus Nfor said, “You could sense there was a bit of fatigue as we had to wake up early and travel 3 hours on the road to get hear on time for the game. We did our best, but it wasn’t enough for sure.”

With a defeat already in the first fixture, Coach Wens rallied his team during a 20mins break before the second fixture of the day to ensure they don’t go back go back empty handed.

Wasting no time, URBOND VC won all 3 sets, 25 – 12, 25-12, and 25-21. The 3rd set saw the introduction of outside player Ousmane D. who displayed great defensive skills and organisation at the back and junior player Nasim K, who’s hits proved difficult to defend by the host team.
At the end of both matches, jersey #3 (Hans S.) was nominated by the opposing teams as the MVP.

With 4 points gained from this fixture, URBOND VC moves 3 places up the NVL Division 3 South League table to 8th (from 11 teams) with 8points from 4 games. URBOND’s next game will be a Shield Game against Weymouth Beach VC in Weymouth on November 11th followed by a league triangular fixture on November 19th in Kingston, London against league leader Richmond VC and Bristol City VC.