17 Women and 14 children attended the workshop and 4 of these women were new to the group.
Children were entertained in the sports hall while the workshop was taking place.
Attendees were from Portsmouth, Malawi, Ireland, Bangladesh, Cape Verde, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and China.
Shamila Dhana of The British Red Cross was the facilitator. Questions were askedĀ  about “What do Women want globally? nationally? locally and individually?
These questions created good conversation about Women wanting equality, freedom and security. We spoke about having more sessions to cover many topics that women go through on daily basis. We also spoke about the barriers preventing women succeeding nationally and internationally.
After lunch, further discussions took place surrounding what the group could offer on more serious topics for example Domestic Violence, Self Esteem, Mindfulness, Mental Health and Stress, Parenting, Volunteer Programmes and Work Experience.
It was the first time that two sisters from Afghanistan attended the group, they were quiet at first but then felt safe enough to share with the group what it is like being a woman in Afghanistan. The two sister further talked about difficulties for women getting what they want in Afghanistan. They then began engaging with the group more and suggested activities for the group. They enjoyed the safety of this group of women and will be attending more URBOND activities.
Overall the workshop was a great success, we hope to see more women attending and of course benefiting from the workshops.
For more report on this event please email us at info@urbond.org.