We are working with local and established schools to provide teachers and upgrade or improve some of their facilities (such as classrooms, clean water, toilets, etc) to create a better learning environment for the children..


Our work with Ecole Primaire d’application de Dubreka, Guinea
In June 2019, URBOND formed a partnership with Ecole Primaire D’application de Dubreka, Guinea.URBOND worked with the primary school to pay teachers to provide extra classes to the Year 6 children so they could have a better chance of passing their final exams.
Teachers had been on strike in October 2018 due to lack of pay and poor working conditions and the strike action had kept children out of school for over three months.
Our support meant over 120 children at the school who were studying for their final exams from primary education to secondary education were supported as they received 20 hours of extra classes per week and 1 to 1 support from teachers
The partnership with the school is still ongoing and we continue to support teachers and providing study materials to the children.

Mr Soumah – Teacher at Ecole d’application in Dubreka on the partnership with URBOND.

Mr Soumah was born in Dubreka 2 kilometers away from Ecole d’application where he is currently one of the senior teachers.  During his teaching career, Mr Soumah has seen many teachers and headteachers come and leave the school due to non-payment of salary, poor working condition, lack of amenities, low morale and the pressure for not having many teachers for the children.
Dubreka is a community orientated city, people value togetherness and living in harmony. Mr Soumah considers most of the children that come through the school as family, loyal to the city where he was born, Mr Soumah chooses to stick with the school and provide his services despite the issues with day to day running of the school.
When URBOND approached Eecole d’application in 2019 to provide some assistance and support to the school, Mr Soumah found this very moving especially coming from UK based organisation.  With this working partnership, Mr Soumah believe that teachers could consider working with rural schools as opposed to moving to the capital city to work in private schools. Some of our students come all the way from little villages surrounding Dubreka, traveling as far as 10km. With the partnership with URBOND we will be able to make their everyday journey worthwhile and do our best to provide them and the rest of the students a good quality education. Working with URBOND has given us positive energy and hope for a better future for the children. The support from URBOND has so far been the greatest thing that has happen to our school.

URBOND Programme supports Ramata Fofana (13).

URBOND Education Programme supports Ramata.

13 years old Ramata lost both her parents to diabetes and her family could no longer afford to send her to school. Through URBOND support, Ramata is studying hoping to become a local leader.
“On the 20th December 2019, URBOND UK officials, the representative in Guinea and their team of volunteers in Guinea paid us visit with books, pencils, pens, rulers enough to last me and my classmates for 6 months. We are all very happy and grateful for all the support URBOND is providing to us and our teachers”


Thank You